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Individual counseling


Individual Counselling-

Counselling is bespoke and unique to every individual. I believe it is important that children/young people are empowered to choose a therapeutic approach to healing that is most comfortable for them.

As a counsellor, I embrace a responsive and flexible approach, offering an empathic, non-judgemental and safe space for clients to explore and express feelings and thoughts around life experiences and challenges they may be facing in their own chosen way, whether it is through talking therapy or through various creative, play or art-based approaches. I specialize in providing therapeutic support to children and young people

(4 years - 17 years) through face to face and online sessions (from 12 years +). 

Online counselling can be particularly helpful if a young person struggles with social anxiety, illness or find being in new places challenging or simply find it more convenient and comfortable being in their own environment. Clients get to engage in an online therapeutic space , with the options of using both interactive online games/sand tray or creative tools, and through home-based creative materials.


I offer a free 20 minute introduction telephone call to explore what support you feel you or your child may need. We can discuss any initial questions or concerns you may have. There is no obligation to commit to any sessions. However, if you would like to proceed, the next step is an assessment/consultation, for which I charge my standard fee.



£60 per 50-minute face to face/ online session


I am skilled in, but not limited to the following areas:

* Attachment difficulties

* Bereavement/loss

* Family Breakdown

* Self- esteem/self-confidence

* Building Resilience 

* Transitions

* Sadness

* Friendships/bullying

* Anxiety

* Stress

* Self Harm

* Trauma

* Chronic illness e.g. ME/CFS

* Social difficulties

*Developmental Trauma & deficits

*Gaming Addiction









Why Creativiy?
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Why Creative Counselling?



Creative Counselling combines talking therapies with creative interventions. Creative and art-based approaches are beneficial ways to process complex feelings and thoughts, by giving expression, movement, shape and colour to life experiences in a way that often words alone can't do. Working through art  isn't about becoming an artist, but about finding meaning and connection in life.

Interventions and approaches that may be used during sessions include, but are not limited to:

* Art Therapy

* Play Therapy

* Sensorimotor Art Psychotherapy

* Clay Field Therapy

* Guided/Bilateral Drawing

* Mindfulness 

* CBT 

* Coaching - psychoeducation & coping tools


The benefits of working with creative and art mediums?

self- discovery: creating/expression through art can help clients acknowledge and recognise feelings that have been difficult to access or process;

self-esteem : provides a sense of self-accomplishment and freedom to explore;

emotional release: providing a healthy outlet for expressing and letting go of feelings and fears, which are difficult to articulate at times;

Stress relief: creating art can provide relief around anxiety, depression or emotional trauma;

An opportunity to be authentic, without any expectations or pressures to produce - the healing is in the process of "making and creating"


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